How to Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number Online Offline Method


Seed Mobile Number to Aadhaar Number Online

Lately, Central Government announced the mission to link every registered mobile number with Aadhar card of the mobile owner. This is one of the steps forward to make India digital. It is ve essential to link sim with aadhar number online in Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, BSNL, reliance, Tata Docomo to appreciate the services further as beforehand.

Phone Number Linking With Aadhaar Card

Currently, it has been made essential to all by the administration to link every mobile with their aadhar card number to keep checkered on every SIM card which is dispersed by retailor to the buyer and similarly on an old customer who are using their facilities formerly. 

Need of linking Aadhar card with Sim

This is the step taken by the administration to disclose the fake Sim cards which are misrepresented by the people. In case the person is not having aadhar card then they first made need to apply for the same and then link it to their registered mobile number.

Information regarding seeding of the sim with Aadhar card

Every user had received the emails, posts, and memos to link their aadhar card with the mobile number otherwise the sim card will stop functioning.  Now the administration has made connecting of aadhar card with mobile number become stress-free from home.

Methods to link aadhar card with sim cards

Mr. Manoj Sinha, Telecom Minister had publicized three new modes of linking aadhar card with mobile numbers. The subsequent methods administration had proclaimed to linking of aadhar cards with sim cards are: – First one is One Time Password (OTP) method, the second one is through an app and the last method is IVRS facility

Verification at the customer’s door

Verification at the customer’s door means the telecom suppliers should link the registered mobile numbers at the doorstep of customers for the accessibility of the customer ’s.The administration has taken this step for the ease of the people.

The government suggests that the telecom operatives must offer the facility of linking the aadhar card with a registered mobile number for handicapped and old age users who are not able to stopover at retailer shop or a telecom operator.

Registration through Website

The government asks operatives to use online websites or requests for users to linking of mobile number with aadhar card. So, there is no need to stopover users at retailer shop or telecom service supplier.

Aadhar card seeding through OTP

Re-Verification of previous users can be done through One Time Password(OTP)  system.

The user should visit the retailer or telecom operator for which sim is used. The retailer should have biometric machines so that they verify fingerprints of the customer same as which are stored in UIDAI database. And then after the customer gets OTP as SMS. The telecom service provider should have iris verify machine along with fingerprint scanning machine.

The newest technique of using a one-time password (OTP) is the mobile number which is listed in the aadhar database. The OTP is sent to that registered mobile number for re-verification.

Another Method of linking aadhaar card with sim

An additional method is IVRS facility. IVRS ability means Interactive Voice Response facilty.

Centre government had hurled an app for smartphones to seed the mobile numbers with aadhar card of the possessor of the sim card.

The process of seeding aadhar card with sim

  • Firstly, Login to aadhar card official website
  • Then click on the “verify email /mobile number” on the site of the website. This link takes the user to the other page.
  • Aadhaar card, mobile number or email id and safety code to be arrived there. Then click on the “Get one-time password” Button.
  • The OTP is sent to the registered mobile number in your aadhar information.
  • Now enter the OTP which is sent to your listed mobile number and click on “verify OTP”.
  • If your details get coordinated to your aadhaar facts your number gets verified.

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